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Plato Garage Signage – March 2014

Built in the 1920s, the Plato Garage followed a blueprint for GM Dealers that could be found in small towns across the country. It also served as a Farmall dealer. The triangular front showroom is flanked by enormous panes of glass looking onto the crossroads of Plato’s main streets. Two cars could be driven into the show room. The original hoists and lifts remain in the back.

excerpt from http://www.herald-journal.com/farmhorizons/2017-farm/horse-products.html

Plato Garage – March 2014

Once common in small towns the local car dealerships have been phased out in favor of fewer but larger dealerships. Today one cannot imagine GM granting a dealership to a town with a population of 220 as was the case with Plato in 1920. Today Plato has a population a little over 300 but I don’t think a dealership is coming back any time soon.