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North Redwood is now part of Redwood Falls, MN, but was once it’s own entity.  It is located near the Minnesota River and was the home of an enterprising young lad by the name of Richard W. Sears, who started his career in retailing by peddling a consignment of watches a local jeweler refused.   He later opened his own watch business in Minneapolis and got the idea that a mail order business could be viable.  He and partner Alvah R. Roebuck started Sears and Roebuck on that idea and built an empire.

Richard Sears Memorial Park in North Redwood, MN. – June 2012 Dedicated to Richard Sears who worked in the railroad depot here. The train cars in the back ground show the tie in to Sears’ employment as a railway agent.

RIchard Sears Memorial Park – June 2012

Minnesota River – June 2012

The Minnesota River runs nearby.  The valley that the Minnesota River flows in is up to five miles (8 km) wide and 250 feet (80 m) deep. It was carved into the landscape by the massive glacial River Warren between 11,700 and 9,400 years ago at the end of the last ice age in North America.  Some of the exposed bedrock is said to be billions of years old.  Channel and Flathead catfish are abundant.

Service Station – June 2012

Formerly Becker’s Skelly through at least the 1980’s this was the place to buy gas, get a little service on your auto and get bait before heading to the River.  The current owner caters to fisherman repairs small engines.   The small individual owned gas stations have rapidly become a thing of the past.